Graduation thesis and bibliography: our guide

Are you looking for advice on how to write the thesis website?

In this guide we will explain to you, step by step, how to do a thesis site and how to structure your bibliography correctly, from the choice of sources to transcription in the notes of your paper.

With the advent of the Internet and the digitization of resources it is increasingly common to use online sources to build relationships and documents.

This dynamic can also be seen during the preparation of the thesis: in addition to the documents and textbooks that will make up the bibliography, web resources are a treasure trove of valuable information to draw on.

Now let’s see how to write a thesis and how to build a thesis site and a bibliography perfect for your work, taking full advantage of all the potential of these media.

Tools and web sources for writing a perfect thesis
Bibliography and web sites: a definition
The writing of a bibliography and a thesis site may, at first glance, be complex. Without these sources it would be impossible to build a complete and reliable academic thesis.

Before talking about it in detail, however, let’s see what is meant by bibliography and sitography:

  • The bibliography is the collection of paper sources consulted for the writing of the thesis. We can include books, documents, articles and magazines;
  • The web site is the collection of the online sources mentioned in the thesis, therefore websites and, in general, all the digital elements available online.
  • The choice of sources is one of the most delicate phases in the preparation of a thesis. In fact, before writing the text, you will have to search for the information to be processed in your work, taking care to choose reliable sources that are consistent with your work.

After having asked for your thesis, the first thing to do to have a bibliography and basic thesis is to compare yourself with your supervisor: he will certainly be able to provide you with interesting ideas to start with. Later, you can go to the library or consult the OPAC online catalogs, to see which documents have that deal with the topic of your interest.

The web is a powerful ally to search for information for the thesis: in many websites there are entire databases of academic articles, newspaper articles and documents, essential for the drafting of your work.

To contextualize all this information, let’s see how a degree thesis is structured and how to insert the bibliography and thesis site in your paper.

To begin: anatomy of the thesis

Before discussing the degree thesis web site, let’s see in detail how to structure a thesis and what are the parts that cannot be missing in your paper.

Writing a thesis may not be easy: it is necessary, in fact, a demanding research work, which starts from the choice of topics to be treated at the sources.

The first thing to say is that there are different types of theses, to be chosen based on the objectives that your work aims to achieve. We can distinguish:

  • Research thesis, which foresees an important study and research work on the chosen topic, in order to provide a new point of view or bring out original and innovative aspects;
  • Compilation thesis, which consists in the analysis and elaboration of a large collection of sources and bibliography, in order to create an effective synthesis of all the relevant literature developed on the chosen topic.
  • Whether you choose a research thesis or a compilation, you cannot miss these parts in your work:
  • Thesis index, fundamental to summarize and summarize the topics covered in your paper and guide the reader;
  • Introduction thesis, a first part useful to explain, in a few lines, the intent to study your work and what are the objectives it pursues;
  • Body of the text, in which you will have to develop all the points of your work in depth;
  • Thesis conclusions, where you will have to summarize the content of your work and draw conclusions, talking about possible developments of the subject, showing results or proposing solutions to a problem;
  • Bibliography and thesis site, where you will indicate all the online and paper documents you have consulted to write your paper.
  • In this article we will focus on one aspect of these in particular, that of the thesis bibliography and the sitography. Usually these two elements are mentioned after the final part of the thesis, dedicating to it an ad hoc space.

Now let’s see how to write a bibliography and a sitografia correctly, from the use of the abbreviations to the quotation of a sitografia without author.

How to write the website
Speaking of site and meaning, we said that this refers to the set of online sources that you mentioned in your research work.

To mention them, you can use a special space in the final part of the thesis, dedicated to the collection of sources.

There are no official and unambiguous rules for the drawing up of the web site, but here are some basic rules to correctly quote your digital sources.

Mention of a website

To quote a website in the degree thesis web site and you don’t need to refer to specific pages, you can simply mention the URL.

Mention of an article or document
If, instead, you have to mention an article or a specific document, it is good practice to quote the author with name and surname, then the URL where the article is located and, possibly, the date of the last update of the site.

Keep in mind that some digital magazine articles have the DOI (Digital Object Identifier), a permanent identification parameter added to to open the document in the browser. In this case you can mention the article also by inserting the DOI in the mention.

How to write the bibliography
Now that we’ve seen how to quote the degree thesis website, let’s see how to insert the bibliography in your paper.

When indicating a book in the bibliography, it is good to mention these items:

  • Author’s surname;
  • Title and subtitle of the book in italics;
  • Place of publication;
  • Publishing house;
  • Year of publication and possible edition.
  • For example:
  • Perniola M., The expanded art, Torino Einaudi, 2015
  • To quote several books by the same author, be careful to arrange them in chronological order of publication. For example:
  • Calvino I., The path of spider nests, Turin, Einaudi, 1947;
  • Calvino I., The rampant baron, Turin, Einaudi, 1957.

If you want to mention a book written by several authors, you can enter their surname and name in alphabetical order and cite all the items we have already mentioned for the mention of the book with a single author. In the case:

Centanni M., Daniotti C., Pedersoli A., Instructions for writing a thesis, a paper, an essay, Milan, Bruno Mondadori, 2004.

Mention of an article

If you want to insert a newspaper or magazine article in your bibliography, you can refer to this diagram:

  • Surname and name of the author of the article;
  • Title of the article in italics;
  • Title of the magazine in quotation marks and preceded by “in” (written in italics);
  • Annuity (indicated with “a.” And in Roman numerals) and number of the magazine (indicated with n. In Arabic numerals, in bold);
  • Publication date;
  • Possible range of pages consulted.
  • Do you have clearer ideas on how to write bibliography and website thesis?

We are certain that, thanks to our advice, you will be able to write a perfect thesis and successfully complete your academic career.